Triskelion Coffee Table

Named for the three-legged geometric figure that appears so often in Celtic imagery and elsewhere, this is the Triskelion Coffee Table. It’s built with reclaimed cedar beams and a clear water-borne finish, and is shown here with a glass top. I built two versions: this is the low version, at 14 1/2″ tall without the top. The high version is slightly taller at 18 1/2″, and a little bit less long. The glass top shown, which is slightly imperfect, will be included at no extra charge with whichever version sells first. Otherwise I’ll be happy to arrange the order of a new glass top at the buyer’s cost. It can work with no top, if you prefer. Both versions of the Triskelion Coffee Table are now available at $1150 each. In my material inventory, I have enough cedar beams to build you a dining table in this design. Let’s do that!