Building great furniture is the main thing I’m about at Long Grain Furniture. The most important secondary is shop sharing. I can’t do my best work alone; I’m just not that kind of artist or person. I need others around to inspire me, entertain me, and from time to time distract me. I think a lot of us are this way, and I’m doing what I can to create a community around this very idea. So far we’re four woodworkers, and there’s space for two or three more. We support each other, help each other, and commiserate. Together we’re better than we would be apart.

panorama 1
panorama 2
altendorf f45

Altendorf F45 ten-foot sliding table saw

scmi 20|| planer

SCMI 20-inch planer

crescent 12 inch jointer

Crescent 12-inch jointer

band saw

Oliver 36-inch band saw

storage area

rolling shop tables

rolling shop tables for flexibility

dustkop dust collection

DustKop dust collection for planer and jointer

mobile clamp rack

mobile clamp rack with jorgensen F clamps and Jet parallel clamps

router table

router table with Incra LS fence and Woodpecker lift

From the Craigslist ad:

Are you thinking of striking off on your own in a woodworking business? Are you growing out of your garage? Have I got a deal for you!

For about the cost of an empty industrial space + utilities, you can come join me and a stable handful of other woodworkers in a fully equipped professional wood shop. You don’t have to work alone, and you don’t have to move stuff around in your tiny shop to use a different machine.

We help each other in lots of ways: I helped John unpackage some butcher-block countertops on Friday. George is working on two bathroom remodel jobs he got from John. Chris recently built a bunch of cabinet doors for one of George’s jobs. If you have a delivery coming, maybe someone else can receive it while you’re out. If you want to talk through the construction of a joint, we’ll figure it out. Finish problem? We’ll figure that out too. Want to grab some lunch? Let’s get tacos. Does the design of my new project look stupid? I hope you’ll tell me. One of my greatest goals is that we will inspire each other to design and build better things.

There are currently three members plus myself. It’s not like the chaos of other shared shops, where anybody can come in for a single project. Each member commits to six months at a time, and all three have completed their first six months now, and all have signed up for another. What this means is that we get to know each other. We don’t have to worry what the stranger is going to do every day. We know each other’s strengths. And we don’t have piles of stuff lying around that belong to somebody who might eventually come back for it. Each member gets space in a private or semi-private storage room with a door and a lock, so they can safely store tools and supplies. There is space for two or three more people.

It’s a professional-grade shop, designed to help you build the best work you can build:
–Altendorf F-45 10-foot sliding table saw (this 7.5 hp saw will change your definition of straight and square.)
–SCMI 20″ planer
–Crescent 12″ jointer
–Oliver 36″ band saw
–Dust Kop dust collection system
–10-hp hospital-grade oil-free air compressor with 120 gal tank and 16 outlets throughout shop
–dedicated 15′ x 16′ spray-finishing room with huge exhaust system and efficient material-handling accessories.
–10″ contractor table saw
–two or three miter saws
–router table with Incra fence and Woodpecker lift for dialing in thousandths
–good lighting
–good heat
–smooth concrete floor so the material carts and rolling work tables roll effortlessly

The monthly membership fee is currently $600 (as of August 2016). This covers 24/7 access to the shop and the closed campus the shop is contained in. It covers utilities, moderate amounts of garbage, blade sharpening, and machine maintenance (except in cases of abuse).

I’m there almost every day, so scheduling visitors is easy. Come see it!