Bamboo Office Bookcase

This was the fourth of six pieces commissioned by this couple for their Queens, NY, apartment. The husband was a passionate collector of punk rock music, and had a vast collection of CDs and LPs that was growing constantly. He chose the bamboo plywood material and designed the first piece. Each following piece I designed, according to the rules he established in the first one. Every few months, I would get an email from him, saying “Hey mate, I have some money again. Let’s build something for the ___ room. Back in town in two weeks. Cheers.” Through this strategy, we created a harmony of design that carries through the whole apartment. The material is interesting–it’s engineered from cut strips of bamboo, manufactured in several variations and two colors. Since bamboo grows back at ten times the average rate of hardwood, it’s more agriculturally sustainable. And all the finishing was done with water-borne products for environmental friendliness.