Centerline Apartments Reception Desk

Tenants and visitors at Omaha’s new Centerline Apartments enter to this. The interiors there take advantage of the strength of local designers and artists, with many original artworks throughout.
The receptionist sits behind the high part, with a desk surface and a baffle low enough not to hide their smile. With the main entrance at their 2:00 and the elevators at their 10:00, this part is oriented at an angle so they might greet those going as well as those coming. The middle section is an enclosed cabinet, and the low part is a table for reviewing documents.
Upstairs on the top floor, in the “clubhouse” common space, look for my center island.
The interior design is by Melissa Williams.
The paintings on the wall are by Justin Beller, as well as a much larger one opposite the desk.
These photographs are by William Hess.