Hexagon Beverage Trays, 2018

Wood, pigmented finishes, gold leaf (on two of them), and clear finish

3″ x 19″ x 19″ or 3″ x 16″ x 20″

$325 each

NOTE: Both pink ones are now SOLD. The blue one, the off-white one with a diamond, and the charcoal grey one are available.

I’ve always been fascinated with equilateral triangular grids and the hexagons they produce. In 2018 I started by limiting myself to 30 and 60 degree angles, and I made five of these structures. Then I used them to explore a variety of color and pattern ideas. Each one is unique. The topcoat is a restaurant-grade table finish, so they should be able to handle some moisture from actual use as beverage serving trays. They are original artworks though, so you know, don’t get too crazy. They can also hang easily on a wall.