Painted Platters, 2019

Mixed media on wood

Various dimensions up to 20″ diameter

$285 each

I believe in making things as well as I can, unless there is a reason not to. Within the craft of woodturning, this can lead to very precise, very elegant forms with smooth surfaces and fair curves. Sometimes that’s great. Other times, like the narrator felt about the the character Angel Face in “Fight Club,” the perfect thing needs to get fucked up a little bit. These tight platters needed a gesture, a couple of violent moments to balance them. Wood turning is a slow process, where the form reveals gradually. These platters have decisive moments, in which they instantly became very different things.

There are three of these paintings. There may or may not be more in the series in the future. They can easily be mounted on a wall. Not food safe. Go ahead and call them “(s)platters,” but only if you’re a big dork like me.